The Power of the Follow-Up

Boost your efforts and increase your sales with an effective follow-up strategy. Over 80% of sales are lost due to ineffective or non-existent follow-up system. Don’t let your hard work be a part of these statistics.

The Power of the Follow-Up

“Not following up with your prospects is like storing ice cream in an unplugged freezer.” 

~ Alla Bardov

If you follow up, you will make money.

People ­buy when THEY are ready to buy, not when YOU are ready to sell or

when YOU think they should buy.

And when THEY are ready, YOU have to make sure that YOU are at the top of their list.  

Following up will get you to the top of the list!

Effective follow-up doesn’t happen by chance. It is strategic. It is planned. It means having a system. It is one of the most important activities that a business owner should perform.

And while the majority of people do not follow up at all, 90% give up after the 4th follow-up. However, 80% of sales are made after the 5th follow-up.

This means that 10% of salespeople make 80% of all sales!

This eCourse is your roadmap to the top 10%.