Stand Out Or You’re Out

How to Differentiate Yourself to Get the Sale

Stand Out Or You’re Out

When you’re in the business of selling, what can you do to differentiate yourself when so many other sellers offer similar products and services? Yet, in most cases, it’s your differentiation, which will result in greater customer acquisition, retention, and ultimately increased sales.  It’s tempting to think that you either don’t have competition or already know and communicate what differentiates you.

You’re proud, and you let your potential buyers and customers know your differentiating factors – that you’re honest, you have the best product, and offer the best service. However, how can they choose you over other sellers when your competition believes and says the exact same thing, resulting in everyone sounding alike?

You don’t have to stop communicating your differentiating factors. The only thing you need to do is change what you’re saying to give your prospects clarity on which products to purchase and whom to purchase them from.

You need a way to determine what makes you stand OUT so that you’re not OUT. Which means you need a Stand Out Formula.