Beyond Elevator Pitches: How to Introduce Yourself in Style

YOU are destined to SELL BETTER! 

Boost your sales by learning how to effectively answer one of the most asked questions in America:


Learn how to:

Perspective: Eliminate rambling. Crush fear. Conquer anxiety. Know what to say.

 Strategy: Learn how to effectively answer the most asked question in America: What Do You Do? (HUGE eye opener!)

Results: Introductions that Deliver Results. Attract Clients. Accelerate Sales. Improve Networking. Grow your business.

Get clear. Know what to say. Close deals!

There is a formula of how to attract clients through your introductions.


“It’s very nice and well thought out. This course should be taken by all sales leaders, introduction a new sales hires, and single entity business owners. ~Jim L.

 “Excellent. Really liked the detail in the presentation. The most beneficial thing I learned is saying what you do in a way that captures the listener’s interest. Make them want to know more. Anyone in sales and any business needs this course.” ~Lisa H.

 “Very good. It’s amazing how a correct pitch (length and different target audiences) can make people want to know more about you. Very specific and relatable. I love the recipe for creating your own elevator pitch.” ~Karen L.

“Very thoughtful, relevant and organized. Love how to tailor my message in on what to prioritize. Everyone needs this course.” ~Kristi M.

“Training was fantastic! Highly recommend. Easy to follow and understand. Love the recipe with examples as a springboard. Love the tools.” ~Lisa S.

“Overall training was very useful. Well thought out. Very organized and easy to follow. The most beneficial thing I learned is what my elevator pitch needs to be. Anyone in sales needs this training.” ~Barbara W.

“This training was much more thorough than I expected for an elevator pitch training. The concepts were easy to understand and use. Excellent! The most beneficial thing I learned today is how to differentiate myself from the competition. The idea of making two lists and crossing off what’s the same and being left off with the differential – Brilliant!” ~Maryam S.