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“I am triple diamond, award winning real estate agent with over a decade of experience. Throughout my career, I have taken several workshops and training courses offered by Alla. I found they helped fine tune my communication skills and solidify my confidence level. I apply her methods on a daily basis, whether I am introducing myself at networking events, negotiating contracts, or speaking with clients. Regardless if you are a novice or experienced in your field, Alla’s training benefits all levels of professional acumen.”
Donna Leibow

Keller Williams, The Leibow Team

“Recently I had the pleasure to attend one of Alla’s workshops and I was tremendously impressed. Having heard her speak many times at different venues, I knew I was in for a treat at the workshop. Not only was Alla enthusiastic and energized, her material was especially on point. I felt like I learned more in her 2 hour workshop than I had in the previous six months with an expensive  business coach! Based on a very positive personal experience with her teaching methods, I highly endorse Alla Bardov and encourage people to attend one of her workshops.”

Lisa Harvell

Manager & Escrow Officer, Secured Title of Texas

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Alla Bardov for 10 years.  During that time I have worked with her in many different capacities. All of which have been fabulous. Two of the most worthwhile experiences have been as an attendee of her 2 SELL YOURSELF for SUCCESS workshops. I applied what I learned during the 1st workshop, literally while sitting in her workshop to secure a new client. Alla’s services hands down help professionals grow their business by providing must needed clarity with your messaging. I highly recommend her workshops and one on one services.”

Gens Johnson

Growth & Development Coach, Author, Speaker

“I’m a huge fan of continual improvement, and I can say without question… this is the most time worthy and valuable class I’ve taken in a very long time. Alla has taken a basic fundamental business necessity that we all need, but very few have mastered, including myself and made it easy to learn and do. This class has dramatically helped me and my staff become proficient in our 10 and 30 second elevator pitches. I would definitely recommend this to all business owners, so they can also have a consistent message across their companies as well.”

Jackie Shapiro

Shapiro Hurst & Associates, LLC., Dallas Texas