Every email unsubscribe is not a farewell but a nudge to grow

Today, for the first time in a while, I took a deep dive into my business email list, revisiting contacts that accumulated over the years. Even though I haven’t sent emails in months, I felt unsettled noticing familiar names among those who’ve unsubscribed.

Despite the common advice that ‘unsubscribes’ were never truly ‘your people’ and their departure should be celebrated, my feelings challenged this notion—particularly with those I knew personally.

Unexpectedly, remembering our interactions stirred up a mix of curiosity and, truth be told, a twinge of regret.

My reaction wasn’t about seeing numbers decline on a list; it was about the value we place on connections and the desire for our work to resonate. It’s recognizing individuals who, at one point, chose to engage with my content and services and whose interests or needs once aligned with mine.

However, each unsubscribe isn’t merely a farewell; it’s a nudge to grow, refine, and foster better connections with many that remain—and those who are yet to join.

It’s a reminder that when it comes to building and maintaining relationships, departures can also mark the beginning of new opportunities for engagement and improvement.

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