A Monumental Week

This has been a monumental week. Finally, after a year of figuring out how to share my passion for selling, it is finally coming together. You know you want to do something, you know you will be good at it, you have good ideas, you start writing content, you collaborate with people, and you are excited and scared. But despite all the planning, the WHAT IFs come and go more than I’d like them to. What IF, what if, what if… Is it fear? Is it excitement? To not let the Fear outweigh, I’m leaning heavily on the side of Faith and Success. And every time the word Fear appears, I instantly think of Faith and I know that I am going to make it!

Now back to the monumental week. My company is called Sell Yourself for Success. I want to help, teach, inspire and show people how to be more successful; whether it’s in their personal or professional life. The steps are simple. It’s not rocket science, but the majority of people don’t do it. It’s not natural… well… until they learn and practice and understand. When I teach, I want them to say: OMG… that’s it? I can do it! And the light bulb goes off!

Sell Yourself For Success. What does it really mean? Well, it’s doing small things that after a while will become effortless and help you be more confident, and gain more presence, and help you sell and share your ideas better. Or sell your products and services better through first selling you. And what in the heck selling you even mean? Well… before I address that, let’s go back to my monumental week.

So I know this is what I’m going to do, but nothing hits you harder than when finally the landing page is up and it’s live on the worldwide web! Wow! It’s real, it’s happening. I worked on the logo and edited it many times, but seeing it on the landing page with my picture on it and my slogan and the words “Download your Free Ebook” is totally different. It’s scary, exciting, and really happening. You look at that page many times; you pull it up on your phone, on a laptop, on a computer, on the Ipad. The What Ifs are jumping out everywhere. But wait… Stop the Fear, it’s Faith all the way. So what’s next? A Facebook Business Page; Facebook makes everything official! The next step is to invite a few friends to like my page. With the What Ifs in the back of my mind, I start with those long time friends who won’t judge. Bam! Done! It’s midnight, so I know I’ll get some likes tomorrow. And now I wait.

I work out almost every day. I love it, it makes me feel good, it helps my moods, it helps my brain, it keeps me fit and it definitely allows for those extra calories that I undoubtedly will consume during the day. As I’m working out, I get a Facebook message pop up from my business page. Oh wow! How cool is that? I just know that one of my friends will be thrilled and excited for my new venture. In anticipation, I glance at my phone and stop in my tracks. Really? Guess what it says? “I love you and want to like your page, but the “Sell Yourself for Success” makes me think of… something else. Can you please clarify exactly what that means? Love you!”

Oh, Wow! I expected just about anything, but not this! What’s going through my friend’s head and more importantly WHY? Could it be mistaken for sex, prostitution or something illegal? I’m a professional business woman. Regardless what the name of my company is, why would anyone’s thoughts even go in that direction? Is she even thinking that the words “Sell Yourself” literally mean that?? That’s no different than taking the phrase “hot dog” for what it really is. Ha-ha! And then there’s a word Success there too. I wonder what does one think when they hear the word Success. I always think of Success as a great outcome, whether it’s profit or prosperity or something extremely positive. Why would someone even think of the negative? And then I think again… it’s the world we live in. Our brains are negatively wired. There are not enough positives in people’s lives. Even if there are a lot of positives, we focus on negatives. People’s mindsets are not wired to instantly go in the “happy” direction.

Back to my monumental week and to me working out. I’m in class and I hear the instructor scream: “This should be painful! You should be hurting! You should be dying!” Well, that’s the norm for a lot of instructors. But somehow between the disturbing Facebook message and hearing the instructor, it all came together. We all need to Sell Ourselves for Success! The instructor in the class needs to sell “herself” to the class. If people in the class focus on her message, what will each person think? They’ll think: “OMG! I’m dying. There’s no way I’ll last another minute. I just won’t push as hard.” So here you go. Now apply that to everyday life. When in turn, if the instructor yelled: “You’ve got this”, “This is a piece of cake”, “You’ll feel great afterwards”, etc., what will each person in the class think? We’d be more energized and inspired and work harder with positive thoughts.

See my point? It’s all how one presents an idea and ultimately presents themselves. And the way you present yourself to your family, friends, coworkers and the world is SELLING YOURSELF. You can either SELL YOURSELF FOR SUCCESS or go on with your life like the majority of people out there.

Oh… and by the way… a week later, my friend still didn’t ‘Like’ my Facebook page.

More to come. Stay tuned and follow me and LIKE my FB page: @sellyourself4success