Signature Talk: Sell Yourself for Success
Everything we do in life involves selling; whether it’s selling an idea, selling a product, or selling a service. It all boils down to the fact that we are constantly selling whether we realize it or not. However, while our growth and success depend on our sales skills, we are faced with the reality that most of us can’t sell effortlessly and effectively.

In this talk, join a 30-year sales veteran with a financial background and one of the top new customer enrollers in a billion-dollar company, as she explains what is missing in your sales strategy.

After this session, you will understand:

  • The most important step in the sales process
  • The four P’s of the sales cycle
  • What you need to do to put you in the top 90% of salespeople
Live Workshop
You ARE in sales! Every day you sell yourself to succeed. Improve your sales skills and drive results with this short yet effective sales workshop. This invaluable sales training will teach you how to be more effective and reach a new level of success by learning the most important step in mastering any sales system – and the four P’s of the sales cycle.

Learn the tools that you can immediately apply in your business to generate more sales!

Workshop Takeaways:

  • How to increase confidence
  • How to better understand customer needs and wants
  • Creating your Elevator Pitch
  • Understanding what makes a customer buy
  • Learning how to ask for the sale
  • Learning how to overcome objections
  • Learning the power of Follow-up
  • Having the tools to close more deals

Who Should Attend

Individuals, entrepreneurs, sales professionals at all levels striving to improve self confidence, sales skills and generate increased production.

Customized Workshop Based on YOUR Needs
Half or Full Day: This workshop contains the content of the original Sell Yourself 4 Success workshop with lecture and discussion, in addition to group role-play exercises and evaluation. We bring the content of the original Sell Yourself 4 Success workshop and go deeper into each step of the sales cycle tailored to your organization.
Live and Webinar Training Programs
We help you design training tailored to your needs.

  • Sales training
  • Building confidence and presence
  • Effective goal setting
  • Developing a winning mindset
  • Improving productivity & teamwork
  • Creating workplace happiness
  • Other topics on demand

About Alla

Alla Bardov started life in the United States in her teenage years as a Russian immigrant who did not understand a word of English. She began her sales career and developed her passion and love for sales while doing door to door sales in college. She was consistently recognized as a top salesperson and was awarded a college scholarship while pursuing a degree in accounting. Equipped with the skills for ultimate success, she is a results-driven professional with over 30 years extensive experience in sales, accounting, financial analysis, marketing, training and customer service.

Alla’s career spanned domestically and internationally in the oil and gas industry where she demonstrated her proven ability to lead, adapt and develop innovative solutions to business issues. She has consistently maintained high standards and streamlined procedures and processes. Upon completing her corporate career, Alla became a successful business owner and she consistently has been one of top monthly producers for new customer enrollments in a billion dollar direct sales company.



Benefits of Working with Alla

Learn the tools that you can immediately apply in your business to close more sales!

Ever wonder if top salespeople born or made? According to research, 70% of top salespeople are born with natural instincts. However, regardless of which category you fall into and your sales skills level, you can sell better and learn the keys to sales success. The best salespeople are always improving their skills through courses, workshops, personal practice and through seeking and applying tips from other sales professionals. There are no limits on how good you can get at selling, except for the limits that you impose on yourself.

Our Services

We’re focused on delivering unique, practical, and easy to implement solutions while providing an interactive training experience for individuals and groups in a workshop or online setting. Our powerful sales workshops are packed with strategies, ideas and tips that allow participants to walk away with supercharged skills and tools they can immediately apply to their day to day activities to generate more sales.

Whether you’re striving to improve your sales effectiveness, performance or build self-confidence, we will equip you with practical solutions to achieve desired results.

Our Method

Our method is based on the concept that you have to sell yourself first before you can influence people into action.

Invest in your success by attending one of our workshops.

Grow You, Grow Your Business.


“It was great and re-emphasized Follow-up do’s and dont’s. Alla is great at selling herself as well as how to sell products.”

Julie S

How to sell products

“Like the training. It gave me LOTS of things to work on.”

Tommy P

Like the training Alla

“Alla knows her information so deeply. Excellent authenticity in her sharing her story and information.”

Alice H

Excellent authenticity and information

“I thought the training was extremely BENEFICIAL to me. I believe you had a good mix of practical advice mixed with a personal touch.”

Carol W